Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Advent of 1952

Hello Dear Reader,
As I've gone back through my posts I see that I went around in circles about the calling of a new Bishopric, the dividing of the ward, the beginning of a new church building, and the start of construction on a new house for Grandpa (Wes) and Grandma (Mary) Carter. Anyway, I hope you got the general idea of what a busy time it was and of all the exciting things that were going on in the lives of the Carter family.

On December 3, 1951 Grandpa (Laning) along with Grandma (Caroline) Hall moved from LeGrand, Oregon to Provo. Grandpa Hall had recently retired from the Union Pacific Railroad. You can read about the adventures they experienced traveling to Utah here by reading their histories. What a wonderful, exciting time it was to have them come and stay with us in time for Christmas. We loved our grandparents very much and the house was filled with happiness and laughter.
Aunt Genni

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