Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sorrow and Disappointment

Hello Dear Reader,
The joy and anticipation the Carter family experienced was short-lived. Grandpa (Laning) Hall had a stroke around the 15th of March and died on the 19th. He was a shy but wonderful man and the Carter children all loved him dearly. I remember looking through the window of the garage where the over-head door was to be installed and seeing him lying in bed with the doctor attending him.

The night before he had his stroke he tended LeAnn and me and we pretended he was our baby. We took the doilies from the arms of the chair he sat in and used them for a bib and a baby bonnet. He was a good sport and we laughed a lot. I will always have very fond memories of my Grandpa Hall--I feel we were short changed in the amount of time we had to spend with him.
Aunt Genni

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Anne said...

This is such a tender, beautiful post. It touched my heart.