Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa

Hello Dear Reader,
Yesterday was the anniversary of Laning Hall's birth. He was born 125 years ago. In all of my sorting and organizing this summer I have come across a collection of memories of Grandpa Hall that was written by his children. Each child wrote about special memories that s/he had of their father.

Among other things, Aunt Myrl (Bray) wrote about how particular Grandpa was about his clothes. He taught her how to press his suits and showed her how to fold the trousers and use a vinegar rag to get the shine off the seat of the blue serge pants. Aunt Lois (Black) recalled how Grandpa hated to speak in public (Is that where I get it from?) but said that in private everyone was his friend. She said his favorite pie was chocolate and it was her too. She was born on his birthday.

Grandma (Mary) Carter wrote about how she thought her dad was handsome--and how all of his family had hearty laughs and a good sense of humor. He loved to read the funny papers and would laugh long and loud over everything. Uncle Norley recalled his dad's expertise in the game of checkers. When Norley was finally able to win a game with him Grandpa "jumped up with great excitment and ran into the other room and told [Grand]mother and Elaine that he had finally found a checker player" showing his pride in Norley's accomplishment.

Uncle Bert told of Grandpa's skill with wood tools. He said there were 3 things that really bothered Grandpa: First, he hated to be called by his first name, Jasper. Second, he couldn't stand any kind of cruelty to animals. Third, he hated to be embarrassed.

This book is a great collection of memories and I will try to get it entered on Grandpa Hall's page of my website, The Family Thicket. But I am cleaning out my file cabinet and entering lots of things this summer while I am out of school so be patient with me and check back here and at the website often.
Aunt Genni

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