Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trouble Afoot

Hello Dear Reader,
I remember several things about the construction of our new house. I thought it was wonderful that Daddy worked close by and, although we were cautioned not to, we could go see him if Mama took us over there. One time I dressed up in some of my mother's clothes including her high heels and went to show my dad how fancy I looked. When I got to the house I couldn't find him and started across a plank tripping on the long dress and clunking along in Mother's shoes.

You can guess what happened. I fell off the plank into the footings and started to bawl very loudly probably more from frustration that from pain. When Dad came to my rescue he was furious! He reached down and grabbed me by the arm. Then he marched me back to Mom and yelled at her for allowing me to go to the construction site. I knew I was in trouble but when Dad got home a little later he told me he was sorry and that he had been very worried that I could have been really hurt. I learned early that Grandpa (Wes) had a temper but a sharp reprimand was always followed by much love.
Aunt Genni

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