Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rivergrove 2nd Ward's First Sacrament Meeting

Hello Dear Reader,
The first Sacrament Meeting of the newly-formed ward was held on May 13, 1951 (Mother's Day). I thought you might like to see the program as it happened almost 59 years ago:

Bishop Carter Presiding
Arland Olsen Conducting
Organ Prelude: Anabell Rogers
Opening Song: "Sweet is the Work" led by Sister Rogers and accompanied by Mignon Ahlstrom
Opening Prayer: Joseph Meservy
Sacrament Song: "Great is the Wisdom and the Love"
Sacrament Served: Garth Rogers, Evan A. Billings, Bishop Carter, Arland Olsen, Blaine Houtz,
Dean Perry, Gale Perry, and Harold Paulson.
New Relief Society presidency was presented and sustained by Bishop Carter: Bessie Cochran,
president; Zona Houtz and America Perry, counselors.
Speaker: Frank W. Killpack (past Bishop)
Song: "Love at Home"
Speaker: Leon Newren (past Bishop)
Closing Song: "Home Sweet Home"
Closing Prayer: Leslie Houtz

Sidelights of Interest:
At 5:45 Brother and Sister S. L. Rogers were first to arrive followed by the Ivie family. Then came Bishop Carter, Mary, Kent, Carol, Marilyn, and LeAnn Carter. Then the Evan Billings family arrived along with Grandma Libby Lewis. Then the Cory Olsen family arrived followed by Josephine Knighton, Jean Davis, the Frank Killpacks, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meservy, etc., etc. A good crowd turned out.

A revolting development!!! Evan went to bless the water and there was no water in the cups.

The new ward got off to an excellent beginning starting right at 6:00 and dismissing right at 7:00.

Thanks goes to the ward historian, Elda Mae Billings (and her daughter Susan who preserved it), for this interesting account.
Aunt Genni

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