Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ward Boundaries

Hello Dear Reader,
When Grandpa (Wesley) Carter became bishop of the Rivergrove 2nd Ward our world expanded to include the whole ward. The ward boundaries enclosed a rather large area. If I remember correctly, if you started at the corner of 970 west and 5th north the ward boundary would continue west to about 1400 west. That was the western-most inhabited part of that area of Provo at the time. There were only woods, frog ponds, and railroad tracks west of there. Along the south side of 5th north was an apple orchard where wild asparagus and watercress grew. We were only allowed to pick one apple at a time for eating but we could gather the asparagus and watercress sometimes.

From the western end of the ward traveling east the boundaries turned south one block (or two) at 9th west and then back east. At 7th west the line turned north and the ward included all the houses on the west side of 7th west to 8th north. At that time there was no 750 west and many of the streets were dead end streets. So we used 5th north as our main route but all of the streets that took off to the north between 7th west and 970 west were in our ward to the 8th north boundary.

Along 5th north there were several lots that were still considered small farms. Where the two duplexes now stand was "Old Man Watkins" farm. He raised pigs. It was scary to walk along there at night as there were no lights in that area and sometimes rats could be seen--probably helping themselves to the pig slop. Not that I ever saw a rat but then I always walked on the south side of 5th north.
Aunt Genni


Darcy said...

Mom has lots of fond memories of the frog ponds.

Genni Hall O'Gee said...

We used to go ice skating there and there was an annual trip to collect frogs for science class--I never had to dissect one though. I think I must have been sick that day--or something like that.