Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Year of Building

Hello Dear Reader,
Before the church building was begun Grandpa (Wes) and Grandma (Mary) had been making plans to build a new home. They bought a piece of property from Claude Billings which was located at 536 North 10th West (which street name was later changed to 980 West, then 970 West). When we lived at 572 North 10th West we were just north of Evan and Elda Mae Billings; this new property was just south of their home so we were going to move just one house away. In March of 1951 the basement was dug and by the time construction on the new ward building started, Grandpa and Grandma's new house was well under way--Grandpa and his partner, Ray Taylor were already laying brick.
Aunt Genni

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