Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Happenings in 1951

Hello Dear Reader,
It's been a long time since I posted anything but the semester is over, the BYU Family History Conference had been attended and I have the summer to catch up on things--so I'll try to catch you up on Grandpa and Grandma's history. They lived an interesting, productive life.

Men, women, and children turned out in great numbers to help build the new ward building and, on Saturdays, after a hard day's work these members participated in pot luck socials. It seemed that everyone looked forward to these socials and the unity of the ward members grew.

However, as the work on the building progressed there were jobs the local people couldn't do. It became necessary to raise money to contract out certain jobs. And, there was also a construction superintendent that needed paying monthly. Sometimes funds could be raised just by asking for contributions over the pulpit but other times the bishopric had to contact local members and ask for help. It was difficult to ask because there were few people in the ward financially able to contribute. Grandpa said, "But the Lord wlways seemed to provide the way for the building program to go forward."
Aunt Genni

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