Sunday, May 9, 2010

Witihin the Ward Boundaries

Hello Dear Reader,
I guess I was right when I said one of the ward boundaries ran along 4th North to 7th West. Not too bad a memory after all these years! Within the ward boundaries was a small grocery store and Perry's Seed Store. I always think of Perry's when I go shopping for plants or seeds and the smells remind me of my childhood. I loved going there with Grandpa (Wes) to buy seeds. Sometimes, in the spring they had baby chicks which were dyed colors for Easter. What a wonderful thing for a little girl to see. The Perry's were wonderful people who always made us feel welcome.

The grocery store was well within walking distance, on the southeast corner of 5th North and 8th West. The owners had a great supply of penny candy. When Grandma sent one of us to the store for bread we could often find pop bottles in the ditch that ran along the south side of the street. There were no curbs and gutters then, only weed-lined ditches. I suppose this ditch was sometimes used for irrigation but it was usually dry in the summer when we walked to the store. Most pop bottles were worth 2 cents, some were worth 3. If we found a bottle or two on the way to the store we had the refund money to spend on penny candy and we could get a lot for a penny back then. Sometimes Grandma (Mary) said we could have the change from the bread, which was usually 2 or 3 cents, to buy candy with but we had to promise not to squash the bread on the way home.
Aunt Genni

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