Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Chicken in Every Pot

Hello Dear Reader,
Dave and Marilyn moved to Utah in the summer of 1969 for Dave to attend BYU. Marilyn preceded Dave by plane as she was expecting her first child and the doctor was concerned about her traveling any closer to her due date. Grandpa (Wes) Carter worked hard to fix up the old farmhouse in the Riverbottoms so the young couple would have a place to live while Dave finished his degree. Grandpa installed new cupboards and fixed up the bathroom along with other improvements to make the old house more liveable. After Marilyn arrived she worked hard too, painting floors and walls. Grandma (Mary) Carter was working at Signetics.

Dave and his dad, Bob, meanwhile, were driving from Washington DC pulling a U-Haul. On the evening they were to arrive, Grandpa and Marilyn were heading home after an exhausting day. But Grandpa said he needed to go check on his rooster. He had given the bird a solid kick earlier when the ornery chichen had attacked him from behind. The workers were tired, sweaty, and dirty but the rooster was dead. There was nothing to do but to stop and pluck it before they could leave the farm.

Marilyn hadn't seen her husband for nearly a month and, needless to say, he and his dad arrived just as she and Grandpa got home. Marilyn headed for the shower and Grandpa, while visiting with Dave and Bob, put the chicken in a pot to cook. He made a wonderful meal of chicken and dumplings and soon Marilyn's humiliation of being sweaty, dirty, paint spattered, and close to nine months pregnant was nearly forgotten.
Aunt Genni

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Darcy Thomas said...

Once again I am using this blog to look up stories to use about our family history. Thank you so much for make this for us all to enjoy!