Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Tribute

Hello Dear Reader,
In all of my sorting I came across another poem. This one was written specifically for Grandma (Mary Hall) Carter by Aretta Ricks. Aretta was Grandma's visiting teacher for many years. She wrote this June 3, 1998. It is entitled Mary

Your faith in Our Father shines in your face.
Your actions show kindness and love.
You bring a sweet feeling of gladness and joy
As you share with your gifts from above.
Your husband and family, your grandchildren too
Have cherished the care you have given.
Your home is a haven, a port in life's storms.
You've made it a wee bit of heaven.
The tasks you've accomplished, no matter how large--
The classes, the dresses, the meals--
All show you're a marvel at getting things done.
Your handiwork brings many thrills!

So here's to you, Mary, may all of your days
Bring sweetness and light into living,
For you've truly found God's secret for joy
Through caring and serving and giving.

Aunt Genni

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