Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turkey Trot

Hello Dear Reader,
Sometimes Grandma (Mary Hall) Carter went with her cousin Lila Francis to West Mountain where the Francis family had a house and farm where they raised, mainly, turkeys. Lila had to milk a lot of cows and Mary went along to keep her company—Mary really couldn’t milk. Every two weeks, after the milking was done, they walked and ran to "Center" in Lake Shore. They did what they “thought was some kind of Scout thing where you run ten steps and walk ten steps.”

It was a long way from West Mountain to Center. I measured it once and I can’t remember the exact distance but it was way over two miles. When they got to Center they proceeded to get ready and go to a church dance put on by the Elders’ Quorum. Mary said, “We always thought we were so glamorous. We had to make an entrance after they started.” I’m surprised they had any energy left but they did and loved those dances.
Aunt Genni

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