Saturday, May 9, 2009

Frustrating Football

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Grandpa (Wesley) Carter continued to grow as a football player although the team did not do well. In a Sunday Herald article dated Sunday October 18, 1936, Provo High tied the team they played but Grandpa was said to have been an outstanding player. The next couple of articles dated October 19, and 22, mention the team’s upcoming trip to Las Vegas. When the game was reported on Monday, October 26, the reporter said the Bulldogs lost to a larger and more experienced team.

They finally had some success against Payson when they won 12-0. Grandpa played in that game. The next team they played that season was Carbon High in Price, Utah. They lost again but reportedly played an outstanding game. The football team didn’t give up, but now it was time to start practicing basketball.
Aunt Genni

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