Monday, May 4, 2009

More Cemeteries

Hello Dear Reader,
As we traveled we viewed the property where Jaybird School had been located. We have connections there. We saw another parcel of land owned by Orren--land I feel was where Eliza lived with her husband and children. From there we went to Lost Creek Cemetery and viewed beautiful headstones with familiar names and heard stories about people buried there.

Then we drove north to Denmark township and the Denmark cemetery. Marieta remarked that they usually visited a certain headstone last but we would be stopping there first that day. I was deeply touched to view the headstone of Eliza Darrow Fifield Bates McNeill, my third great-grandmother. Eliza was buried next to her daughter Louisa Brockway and her husband Wilder Brockway. The headstone for Louisa and Wilder was newer and very readable but Eliza's headstone was old, worn, and very hard to read.
Aunt Genni

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