Friday, May 1, 2009


Hello Dear Reader,
It has occurred to me that you might like to know just what our connection with the McNeill family is. My third great-grandmother, Eliza Darrow, married, as her third husband, Orren McNeill. Her son, Mark G. Fifield (my second great-grandfather), married, as his first wife, Sally McNeill. Eliza's daughter, Emmi Bates (by Eliza's second marriage to Dennis Bates), married Almond McNeill. Eliza's youngest sister, Olive Darrow, married Thomas McNeill. These McNeills were all close relations--some siblings, some cousins.

These connections are some reasons I chose to name my web page, "The Family Thicket." These relationships are confusing. I hope, however, this summer to make these records available to you on the web. And I hope, while I am here in Florida and have access to NewFamilySearch, to add to or combine some records that appear there.
Aunt Genni

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