Sunday, May 3, 2009

Touring Lee County

Hello Dear Reader,
Anne suggested that I ride with Marieta and she would follow. We thought it a great idea. Marieta was then able to talk to me as we took our tour. We started by going to property that Orren McNeill had owned. It has not been determined where he and Eliza lived as he owned three parcels of land in Washington Township, Lee County.

We then went to Hickory Cemetery with its old headstones and wild violets growing everywhere. What a lovely place to visit.

From there we drove north by properties owned by Warren McNeill, Salmon McNeill, Samuel McNeill, Solomon McNeill, and Amos McNeill. We drove to the stone house built by Amos McNeill. A tour of this home had been the final activity of the reunion attendees the day before. It had been our hope to make it to that activity. It was enough, though, just to view the outside of the charming old house.
Aunt Genni

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