Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Future Reunions

Hello Dear Reader,
There are other McNeills in the Denmark cemetery although Orren and some of his brothers are buried in Marion county. After we made the rubbing of Eliza's headstone we drove a little farther north to a cluster of McNeill headstones. Anne and I felt blessed to have experienced a few hours which connected us with our ancestors and the past, and to have made the acquaintance of good and generous people.

We said, "Good-bye," to Marieta with fondness and a desire to be associated with her again. Marieta said that she felt as though we were meant to know each other. The McNeills are planning another reunion in the fall of 2010. They are looking at dates which would make it possible for me to attend. Marieta would like me to come a few days early so we can look at places between Des Moines and Lee county. I hope I will be able to.
Aunt Genni

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