Friday, May 29, 2009

Something Up Her Sleeve

Hello Dear Reader,
Lois and Mary (Grandma Carter) both had chores to do at night. Lois hated to do dishes. Mary hated that chore too but Lois was stronger and could milk the cow—Mary didn’t have any strength in her grip. So Lois milked the cow and Mary did the dishes. Lois had a lot of gear that she wore, supposedly to keep warm while she was milking.

One night Lois was getting ready to go do the milking. She put gear on her head and started to put on an old fur coat that her boyfriend, Gus, had donated to the family to wear to the shed. She put her arm in the sleeve and there was a mouse hiding there. Mary said, “Oh, if you’ve ever seen anybody do a dance around the house that was it.” From then on none of the family ever put their coats on until they checked the sleeves.
Aunt Genni

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