Sunday, May 31, 2009

Give That Turkey the Axe

Hello Dear Reader,
Many times Grandma (Mary Hall) Carter went with her Francis cousins when they herded turkeys. One time they went clear to Scipio in Millard County. Lila and Mary had the assignment to watch the birds awhile when Lila’s brothers took a break from the dumb birds. All of a sudden the turkeys took off flying.

The girls ran screaming after them trying to get them to stop. When the birds got where they wanted to go they landed and started eating. Mary and Lila had a hard time getting them turned around and back where they were supposed to be.

Sometimes the cousins got so sick of turkeys they kicked one in the head killing the bird. Then they chopped off its head, removed its feathers, cooked, and ate the turkey they had killed. Revenge!
Aunt Genni

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