Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memory of Our Kindred Dead

Hello Dear Reader,
Happy Memorial Day to all of you. I have been working hard to post histories of our ancestors on The Family Thicket to honor our kindred dead on this beautiful day. I know none of the histories I have mention war service but many of these good people sacrificed a lot in order to provide better circumstances for us, their descendants.

When you go to the web site you can access the histories in a couple of different ways. If you don't know the genealogical lines you can go to the site map, expand the view, and click on the history you want to read. The navigation bar provides another way to get to the histories.

If the histories seemed long to me I provided an attachment that you will need to click on. Otherwise, the histories appear on the page of the particular person. If you do need to go to an attachment I have tried to give a brief summary of that person's life on their page.

I still have a couple to finish entering. I will get to them today, if possible. But most are posted. If you find mistakes will you please let me know so everything can be as accurate as possible?
Aunt Genni

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