Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to Grandma's Story

Hello Dear Reader,
Before I return to Grandma (Mary Hall) Carter’s adventures in high school I thought I would share a poem that I came across as I have continued to sort through her papers. She wrote, “Carol, I love this poem! Read it at my funeral. (Just say, ‘This is a poem I gave my mother.’)” Sorry I didn’t find it in time for her funeral. But here it is now:

Family ties somehow don’t seem to mean as much these days—
Most children and their parents seem to go their separate ways,
But we happen to be different in a lot of things we do,
And I will always cherish my special ties with you—
You have a place within my heart that no one else can fill—
I need you and I love you and you know I always will!
Aunt Genni

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