Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to Provo

When the Great Depression hit America the Carter family moved back to the house at 8th West and 5th South in Provo.  Grandpa (Wes) Carter was happy to see his friends again, especially a good friend by the name of Bill Gay.  But the summers seemed long to him because, due to the shortage of jobs,  farmers were no longer hiring children.

Grandma Carter, Ed, Wes, & Angie

He put his free time to use, however, and learned how to carve.  From wood he made paddle-wheel boats, water wheels, rubber guns, sling shots, and boomerangs.  He also made a propeller that would turn in the wind. 

Wes Carter

In the winter Wes made a harness for his dog, Blackie,  from some old discarded belts and boots.  Blackie pulled Wes on his sled all winter long.  The dog took him as far as three or four miles to play with another friends, Vincent Brown. 

On his thirteenth birthday Grandpa (Ed) and Grandma (Annie) bought Wes a pair of clamp-on skates which he used to skate on Little Dry Creek.  His grade-school days were nearly over.


Aunt Genni


Turtle said...

Who is in the picture? Is it Annie, Wes, and Angie? Who is the second boy?

Genni Hall O'Gee said...

In the picture on the right are Uncle Ed, Wes's older brother, Grandma(Annie Blake)Carter, and Wes. Angie is standing in front.
Of course, Wes is the boy in the picture on the left.