Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Hello Dear Reader,
Valentine’s Day was special for us as children. We bought valentines for all the children who lived on our street and signed our names on the back of them. As I recall, when we were very young we didn’t use envelopes. On Valentine’s Day evening, about dusk, we went to each house, placed the valentines for the children on the porch, yelled, “Valentine,” and ran so they wouldn’t see who had left the cards. It was very fun! When we got home, we looked at all the cards that had been delivered to us and tried to catch the children who were still delivering their valentines.

Some of the “older” boys (Kent and his friends) sometimes punched a small hole in a valentine, tied a piece of heavy thread through the hole, and quietly put the valentine on someone’s porch. Then they hid while one held the other end of the thread. When they yelled, “Valentine” and the child of the house went out to the porch to pick up the card, the boys pulled the card amazing and frustrating the child. Fun times! I hope you have a fun Valentine’s Day today.
Aunt Genni

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