Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hello Dear Reader,

When the Carter family moved to the house on Center Street and 9th West the front yard was grown over with weeds. Grandpa (Wes) was eight years old but felt embarrassed by the neglected yard.  He spent his spare time that summer spading up Johnson grass and weeds and hauling them off in his coaster wagon to a vacant lot about a block north of their property.

Wes was a hard worker. He picked strawberries that year to earn his own money and could pick as many strawberries as any grownup in the field. He earned enough to buy his clothes for school and grass seed that he planted, creating a nice front yard for his family.

Home at Center and 9th West

Grandpa always took a lot of pride in his property. He taught us to get the weeds out by the root. I wish I had had more of an opportunity to work with him planning and planting.  I have a desire to be a good gardener but I’m afraid I don’t have talent for it like Grandpa had.


Aunt Genni

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