Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Flood

Hello Dear Reader,
Despite the wind that always seemed to blow over the hill the Halls lived on, they were glad they lived there the year it flooded in Milford. Water ran down Main Street like a river. The merchants put sand bags against their store doors trying to keep the water out—all but the owner of the grocery store who used sacks of flour instead of sand. Grandma (Caroline) Hall stood under an umbrella with Mary, on the hill, and watched some boys ride a telephone pole down the street.

Uncle Norley, Mary’s younger brother, remembers Mr. Raymond Taylor, owner of a clothing store, sweeping and shoveling mud out of his store after the flood receded. The mud was about ankle deep. The Halls were saved all the work because they lived on that windy hill. Sometimes what seems like a trial turns out to be a blessing.
Aunt Genni

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