Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun and Entertainment

Hello Dear Reader,
What did Grandma (Mary Hall) Carter do for recreation and entertainment when she was a child? Well, because the Halls lived on a hill in Milford, the children spent hours coasting down it in their wagon and other contraptions they made. They sometimes climbed atop their neighbors shed and jumped off onto the seat of an old car to see how high they could spring up into the air. Mary had roller skates and skated everywhere she could. She wore out more than one pair of skates.

Grandma (Caroline) Hall, when the weather permitted, sat on the porch and watched the children do “acrobats.” If Grandpa was home and joined her, it was even better. The children loved to perform for their parents. I suppose most children like an audience. I did when I was young!
Aunt Genni

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Anonymous said...

I remember doing acrobats for Great- Grandma Hall on her lawn when I was a girl, usually with some of my cousins. Of course, I'm not sure she could see us by then -she must have been near 90- but it is fun to know how things didn't change that much over the years.