Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello Dear Reader,
In February of the year the Carter family lived in Spring Canyon, Wes’s older brother, Ed, had his fourteenth birthday. Grandma (Annie) Carter made a birthday cake. Wes found the cake when no one else was at home and, being a hungry little boy, began to eat until about half of it was gone. Ed came home, saw that his cake had been cut, and cut himself a small piece. He was enjoying his birthday cake when Annie got home and caught him in the act.

I suppose that Annie had planned a birthday celebration for Ed with the whole family. I can imagine her dismay to find the cake mostly gone. Baking a cake was a big deal back then. There were no cake mixes. Grandpa (Ed) Carter gave Ed a good licking--what a birthday! Wes never admitted that he had eaten any cake and always had a guilty conscience about it.

Confession is good for the soul Dear Reader.
Aunt Genni

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