Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Trivia

Hello Dear Reader,
Are you ready for some more family trivia? Here's some: Aunt Ag, one of Grandma (Caroline) Hall’s twin sisters, had one brown eye and one blue eye. Her mother, Annie Maria Ferguson, was Relief Society president in Lake Shore for a total of 21 years. William Furlsbury Carter was a drum major in the Nauvoo Legion Band. Grandpa (Jasper) Hall had a garden that covered about an acre. He won several prizes for his vegetables at the State Fair. (I still need to do more research on that.)

Grandma (Annie Blake) Carter broke her arm three different times before she was six years old. Mary Lake (Annie Blake’s mother) lived at Sanacott, on the estate of Sir John Eden, with her grandmother when she was a child. Sanacott is in Devonshire, England. You can find it on the internet. It apparently is a bed and breakfast now. Wouldn’t it be fun to go there and stay where one of our ancestors lived?
Aunt Genni


Jill said...

I love these trivia posts. When you say Grandpa Hall do you mean your Grandpa (Jasper Laning Hall) or his father (wasn't he also named Jasper)? Do I even have my information right? I can't wait to go look up Sanacott. Interesting stuff!

Genni Hall O'Gee said...

When I refer to Jasper I mean Laning's father. Laning's name was Jasper Laning, but he never used the name Jasper. Sorry I wasn't clearer on that.

Jill said...

No problem. Thanks for the clarification. That's kind of what I was thinking but just wanted to be sure.