Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hello Dear Reader,
One of the chores Grandpa (Wes) Carter had as a child was helping sort potatoes in their old root cellar. The family used a kerosene heater to try to heat the area as they worked but it didn’t put out enough heat to keep them warm. Wes remembered coming across icy rotten potatoes that made his bare hands feel frozen.

Each spring the family worked hours planting crops. Wes rode old Brownie, the family’s horse, while his dad or older brothers guided the cultivator making furrows. The rows seemed countless to the little boy.

Later in the year Wes went with his father and brothers into their fields to harvest hay. The others considered it work but he considered it play. As the older boys and men threw hay onto the wagon, Wes tramped it down, packing it so they could get a larger load. When they unloaded the hay into the barn he had great fun jumping from the loft onto the newly mown hay.
Aunt Genni

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