Friday, February 27, 2009

More Fun

Hello Dear Reader,
One year the children begged Grandma (Caroline) Hall to let them hang their stockings up early for Christmas so they could fill each other’s stockings with small gifts they made. They tried to disguise their presents by putting odd things, like empty thread spools, in the packages and wrapping them with all kinds of funny wrappings. They didn’t use boxes for their gifts back then. When they placed their gifts in each other’s stockings, Grandpa (Laning) Hall joined the fun by putting a small lump of coal in each one.

Because they had no fireplace, the children hung their stockings on a chair. The girls’ were long beige-colored stockings that held a lot of candy, nuts, and a big orange. The other presents they received appeared on Christmas morning on the chair where their stockings were hanging—near the Christmas tree.

Grandma Hall told the children Christmas stories throughout the season, never forgetting the story of the birth of the Savior on Christmas Eve.
Aunt Genni

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