Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hello Dear Reader,
Grandpa (Wes) Carter could be mischievous when he was little. His older brother, Elmo, had some ducks that swam in the irrigation ditch (Little Dry Creek) just a few yards from their house. Wes loved to chase the ducks watching them flap their wings and hearing them quack as they ran toward the water—all to Elmo’s chagrin.

Sometimes Wes also annoyed neighbors Jimmy Woods and his wife “Aunt Clara.” When walking by their house he dragged a stick along their picket fence making an irritating tack, tack, tack noise. He also at times picked green apples from their trees, impaled the apples on a stick, and flung them towards the cattle grazing in the fields. Despite the annoyance Jimmy and Clara were kind to him when he went to their place to get eggs, or milk when the Carters’ cows were dry. Aunt Clara fed him cookies or cake with a glass of cold milk and invited him to bring a bucket to pick up black walnuts that had fallen from their trees. He then felt bad that he had ever upset them.

He liked Mr. and Mrs. Woods but after a few days, Wes would be back at his old tricks, irritating them yet again. He wasn’t mean spirited he was just amusing himself.
Aunt Genni

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