Monday, February 23, 2009

Buddy the Crow

Hello Dear Reader,
Grandpa (Laning) Hall found a baby crow while the family lived in Milford and took the bird home to his children. He (or she) could walk but he couldn’t fly. They named him, "Buddy." They fed him bread and milk and he seemed to thrive on it. He also swallowed colored glass which amazed the children. One night Laning picked Buddy up and tossed him up on the roof of the house. It wasn’t long until the crow could fly up there by himself. He began to fly down and light on the children’s shoulders. They loved their crow. The neighbor children, however, were frightened of the bird and soon the police came and said he would have to be tied up.

Caroline said, “We gave him to a couple living twenty miles over the mountains. They put him in the back of their car where he couldn’t see out.” Two weeks later, as she was hanging out clothes she heard a cawing sound and a crow lit by her hand. It looked bedraggled so she didn’t recognize it at first, but it was their crow.

Buddy stayed around and got into all kinds of mischief. When a neighbor found him in his chicken coop he shot the bird. The children buried him out in the desert and many of their friends came and mourned with them over the loss of their dear pet.
Aunt Genni

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