Monday, February 9, 2009

Baseball and Basketball

Hello Dear Reader,
Ed and Annie Carter moved around a lot when their children were young. One year they moved to Knightsville for the winter so Grandpa (Wes) Carter’s dad, Ed, and older brother, Elmo, could work in the mines. When they returned to Provo they moved to 800 West 500 South in Provo. Wes’s Grandpa Blake and his wife, “Aunt Belle,” moved in with them once more and Wes went to the old Franklin School again.

Wes was the biggest kid in the class and said he could lick everyone else. He was the best ball player and was always chosen first when teams were made up. About this time he became interested in basketball too. He remembered going to the old men’s gym on BYU’s lower campus to play ball against BYU’s training team. He said, “We beat them 12 to 10 and I made all 12 points. I was a real hero.” He was in the 3rd grade and was playing with kids in the sixth grade. He had been held back two years, but still—way to go!
Aunt Genni

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