Sunday, February 22, 2009

Milford Miscellany

Hello Dear Reader,
Grandma (Mary Hall) Carter recalled the Indians that came begging at their house when they lived on the outskirts of Milford. One squaw, with a sick papoose, asked for gas and oil. Mary's mother, Caroline, finally discovered that what she really wanted was Castor Oil.

When Mary turned eight it was time for her to be baptized. The baptisms in Milford took place in the old swimming pool. She was baptized August 6, 1928 by Raymond Taylor. She recalled chasing a frog around the pool before the services began. After her baptism she was confirmed the same day by George Graff.

Caroline always had pretty flowers in their yard, and a vegetable garden whenever she could. Mary loved the tall Cosmos. The family had lots of milk, vegetables, home canned fruit, and homemade bread to eat but very little meat.

The family didn't own a car. When they traveled they went by train. They had free passes because Grandpa (Laning) Hall worked for Union Pacific. Each summer they visited their relatives in Lake Shore and Provo.
Aunt Genni

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