Saturday, February 28, 2009

Independence Day

Hello Dear Reader,

The 4th of July was another wonderful holiday for the children. Each summer Grandpa (Laning) and Grandma (Caroline) Hall took their children on the train to visit relatives in Lake Shore and Provo Bench (Orem). They usually spent the 4th in Spanish Fork. Myrl, Lois, Mary, & Norley

The girls always had pretty new dresses and sometimes new hats. The family watched the parade, looked at the animals on display, ran in races, and had their dinner at the park—with homemade ice cream. Mary hated the races as she always lost. The children got balloons. At night, Laning had fusees (red flares used as warning devices) he brought from the railroad. So with the fusees, firecrackers, spit devils, sparklers, and cap guns they had their own fireworks.


Aunt Genni

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