Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moving to Provo

Hello Dear Reader,
When Grandma (Mary Hall) Carter was nine years old her father, Laning Hall was transferred to Provo. He rented a large two-story house for the family to live in. They moved by train and took all of their possessions (except the furniture that went by truck) with them. Mary said, “We must have been some sight getting off the train with all the things we could carry, and me proudly leading the dog [Tip]."

It was a beautiful home. Mary loved it. There were two big bedrooms upstairs, a formal dining room, and a fireplace in the living room. The yard was beautiful. There was space for a garden. There was even a granary behind the house with all kinds of places to play. The neighbors were friendly and there seemed to be children of all ages in the neighborhood for the Hall children to play with. This house is now on the National Register and is a Utah Historic Landmark. You can view the front of it on the internet at Google maps. The address is 485 E. 400 S., Provo, Utah.
Aunt Genni

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Jill said...

I just love that house! It is so fun to see it on the internet.