Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Summer Work

Hello Dear Reader,
After graduating from junior high Grandpa (Wes) Carter went to work for Boyd Christiansen’s dad doing construction work. He made $3.00 a day or $18.00 a week. His job was shoveling crushed stone and sand into a cement mixer and hauling the cement in an iron-tired wheelbarrow to the forms. Sometimes he was so exhausted at noon that he ate his lunch and lay flat on the ground to rest so he could finish the day’s work.

He took his lunch in a paper bag. Lunch was sandwiches (wrapped in newspaper) and occasionally a Twinkie that he bought for a nickel when he had a spare nickel. He walked about 1¼ miles to work. After work he walked home, took a bath, got in his baseball uniform, and walked 1½ miles to play baseball. Then he walked home again. No wonder he was exhausted.
Aunt Genni

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