Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello Dear Reader,
Once Norley Hall had an argument with Grandma (Caroline) Hall and decided to run away from home. He packed some belongings into his wagon and pulled it to the field across the road. He set up camp out in the field. When it started to get dark Mary and Lois started to worry. They felt it was their responsibility to get him home. They devised a plan. They decided Mary would go over and tell him there was a crazy woman loose and that they had seen her going down toward the lake. Maybe he’d better come home so he wouldn’t run into her. Lois, in the meantime, went down the field and came back with a sheet over her making horrible sounds. Norley looked at her, took off after her, and ripped the sheet off from her. Lois was so startled she didn’t know how to react. Mary said, "You get home right now!" Norley finally agreed to return home with his sisters.
Aunt Genni

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