Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Swimmers

Hello Dear Reader,
There were two artesian wells, north and east of the house, on the Hall property. The larger of the two was quite warm and flowed freely. The smaller well provided colder water but water from it tasted as awful as water from the warmer well.

Grandpa (Laning) Hall built a cement enclosure around the wells. The enclosure was about four feet square and three feet deep. The children were allowed to put their names in the cement when it was poured. After the tank was finished Grandpa Hall stopped up a hole at the bottom with rubber balls until the tank became full of water. Sometimes the children could persuade their father to let them swim before he watered the garden with the contents. They dog-paddled around in circles feeling they were becoming great swimmers. Grandma (Mary) Carter said, “It was fun if we could keep the big mosquitoes off from us.”
Aunt Genni

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