Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Terrifying Ride

Hello Dear Reader,
Before Grandpa (Laning) Hall left for his job he bought a second hand Model “A” Ford for Grandma (Caroline) to use. And then left. Sometimes Caroline practiced driving through the sagebrush-lined cow trails in their field. She practiced steering, backing, and turning.

When necessary Caroline drove but was scared to death. The family traveled along old muddy, rutty roads that took the car wherever the ruts went. One time as they approached a bridge, Caroline saw a car coming from the opposite direction. In alarm she threw her arms in the air, and exclaimed, “Oh! Here comes a car.”

The children grabbed the steering wheel and tried to hold the car on the road. They told Caroline to put her hands back on the wheel and assured her, “It’s all right Mama, it’s all right, Mama.” They were able to get home safely after a terrifying ride.
Aunt Genni

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