Saturday, March 7, 2009

Work Before Play

Hello Dear Reader,
One reason the Carters moved back to the house on Center Street was that money was hard to come by during the Great Depression that was taking place. Grandpa (Edward F.) Carter contracted a patch of beets from a woman by the name of Patsy Creer. The whole Carter family went to her farm to thin, water, weed, and top beets. When it was harvest time they harvested their crop. The rows were about 300 yards long; Wes earned 5¢ a row. If he worked hard he made 30¢ a day.

During the Depression the Carter males cut trees (probably from the woods near the Provo River) and hauled them home to chop for firewood. That was their source of fuel and heat for the winter. Wes added to their fuel supply by walking along the railroad tracks picking up coal that had fallen from railroad cars. Everyone had to help support the family--baseball came after the work was done.
Aunt Genni

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