Monday, March 9, 2009

Junior High School

Hello Dear Reader,

When it was time to attend seventh grade Grandpa (Wes) went to Dixon Junior High School where he served on the student council in both the 7th and 8th grades. It was at Dixon that another teacher had an influence for good in his life. The teacher was Leland Buttle, a recent BYU graduate who taught English and PE. Leland saw Wes’s athletic potential and encouraged him to develop his talent. He sometimes had Wes stay after school to play handball with him.  winterphoto

Wes became a member of Dixon’s basketball team. In one game with Farrer Junior High, he got confused and made a basket in the Farrer team’s basket scoring for the opposition. Dixon lost the game. Wes, in remembering the incident, said, “A hero one day and a bum the next!” I guess we’ve all felt like that at some point in our lives.


Aunt Genni

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