Friday, March 6, 2009

First Base

Hello Dear Reader,
Right after Christmas of the year that Grandpa (Wes) Carter was in the sixth grade, his family moved back to the house at 900 West Center. The following summer Wes began playing American Legion baseball. He made the all-star team as first baseman and was considered a very good player. His team went to Price, Utah for the American Legion state tournament.

In the first inning of the first game Wes got a hit. He was off to a good start. Then, when the other team was at bat, as he reached for the ball, the runner coming to first base kicked him in the head knocking him out cold. He was out the rest of the game. His team then lost the next two games eliminating them from the tournament. That was the beginning of Wes’s athletic career.
Aunt Genni


Jill said...

Wow! I'd never heard that story before. Now days they'd be carting him off to the hospital for an MRI. Times sure have changed!

Turtle said...

Well, I suppose it depends on who you are. I have yet to take Hannah to the doctor for the concussion she got Sunday night. She... seems... to be improving. (c: