Sunday, March 8, 2009

Self Confidence

Hello Dear Reader,
From the time Grandpa (Wes) was about nine years old he worked and bought his own clothes. Maybe that’s the reason he took such good care of his things. He never threw his clothes down and seldom laid anything down. Unless something was dirty and went in the laundry hamper he hung it up. He kept his clothing clean, brushed, and repaired. He also made sure his shoes were polished, his face was washed, and his hair was combed. He usually looked very nice—ready to face the world.

His ability and willingness to work hard added to his self confidence although, around girls, he was bashful (a word no longer used much). Wes was starting to grow up.
Aunt Genni

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Darcy said...

Thanks for telling us all these things. I love to read your blog and learn a little bit more about the people we all love.