Monday, March 23, 2009

Near the Lake

Hello Dear Reader,
Living close to Utah Lake had its advantages—and disadvantages. In winter, when the wind blew across the water and under the house, it lifted the linoleum in the kitchen right off the floor boards. That gives you an idea of what living in the old house was like.

In summer the mosquitoes swarmed and buzzed around the heads of everyone in their path. Grandma (Mary) Carter was allergic to mosquitoes (she called them “beastly pests”). She said, “I was always swollen from top to bottom. It seemed as though every time I wanted to go some place one of my eyes [was] swollen shut. I used to think that they [the mosquitoes] would take me up with the whirl and hum of thousands of wings on a hot summer night.”
Aunt Genni

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