Friday, March 13, 2009

Rich in Spirit

Hello Dear Reader,
Though it was hard work Wes found the mining operation interesting. Grandpa (Ed) Carter and Wes’s uncle, Art Croft, drilled holes in the rock, put dynamite in the holes and blasted. Then they shoveled the broken rock into a wheelbarrow and hauled it over to the mine shaft. Wes hoisted the ore up on a wench with a bucket, dumped it into another wheelbarrow, and, when the wheelbarrow was full, dumped its contents into the ore bin. One of every ten buckets might contain ore. The rest was waste which Wes then wheeled to the waste dump.

He only made enough money for school clothes that summer. But Wes went back to school full of self-confidence. He considered himself the best basketball player and the best dancer at Dixon Junior High School.
Aunt Genni

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Darcy said...

We don't know what hard work is today do we!