Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Social Graces

Hello Dear Reader,
In PE at Dixon Junior High they had a weekly dance class with the girls. (As I recall, we did the same thing when I attended Dixon.) Because Grandpa (Wes) was shy around girls he never danced. Lee Buttle told him, “Wes, if you don’t learn to dance I won’t give you your grade in physical education.” Wes decided he had to do it. He became, in his words, "a pretty good dancer" and began enjoying it.

Some of the popular songs during Wes’s Junior High years include Mimi, April in Paris, I Wanna Be Loved, Easter Parade, Anything Goes, and Lullaby of Broadway. The class danced to these and other similar tunes.

At that time bread was 8¢ a loaf, milk was 45¢ a gallon, and gas was 19¢ a gallon. A new car cost $575.00 and a house went for $5,972.00. The average income was $1,506.00 a year. How times have changed.
Aunt Genni

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