Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wasted Saturdays

Hello Dear Reader,
I remember Grandpa (Wes) Carter talking about taking his Grandpa (William) Blake to town. He told how every Saturday it was his job to take his blind grandfather into town to get his hair cut and do a little shopping. They walked east on Center Street about nine blocks or so and it took most of the day to complete this chore—Wes considered it a chore. Of course he would rather have been doing other things.

After the haircut Wes took Grandpa Blake to a store (probably Woolworth’s, across the street north from the tabernacle) where Grandpa Blake bought a bag of wintergreen mints—you know, the fat pink lozenges. Sometimes he bought the white peppermint kind. After spending what seemed like hours, when Wes finally got his grandfather home, he was rewarded with one mint. One mint! That didn’t seem like much of a reward.

Wes said, “But Grandpa Blake was blind and I watched to see where he hid his candy. Then when I felt like it I sneaked as much as I wanted.” Oh Grandpa!
Aunt Genni

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Jill said...

That's one of the things I remember about Grandpa--that he seemed to always have those pink wintergreen lozenges around. Now I know why he liked them. :)
By the way, I love the addition of the playlist. I was just thinking after I read your last post that I wanted to listen to all those songs and now I can. Thank you!