Saturday, February 7, 2009

Starting School

Hello Dear Reader,
Grandpa (Wes) Carter’s first years of school were difficult for him. He started school at the age of six in the first Timpanogos School on the corner of 5th West and 4th North. He was bored and found it hard to concentrate so he didn’t do well and was held back. He then realized he needed to apply himself if he were to ever get through school. He did better the next year until he was accused of stealing a gold watch that belonged to the principal.

Wes was innocent of the theft but the principal didn't believe him and had him in his office every day for two or three weeks. The principal then called the Provo Police Department and a motorcycle policeman questioned Wes every day for the next several weeks. The interrogation continued for three years—in the principal’s office and on the street.

You can imagine what this did to the little boy. It was hard for him to study. He was humiliated—every student knew that he had been accused of stealing the watch. And when Wes heard a motorcycle he nearly went to pieces. Thankfully, about this time, his family moved to his Grandpa Blake’s house on the corner of Center Street and 9th West in Provo. Grandpa (Wes) now attended the Franklin School where his teacher, Agnes Farrer, kindly questioned him, believed him, and stopped the harassment. She sparked Grandpa’s interest in school and helped restore his self-confidence. What an influence for good a teacher can be.
Aunt Genni

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Jill said...

I remember hearing this story as a child. Now, as an adult with children of my own, my perspective has changed a little. It makes me angry that those people harassed and tormented a little boy for three years! It's outrageous. Thank goodness for kind teachers in the world. I know I am grateful for the kind teachers that my boys have had. They really do have so much power to do good.