Sunday, August 8, 2010

Assistant Area Supervisor

Hello Dear Reader,
As assistant area supervisor Grandpa (Wesley) Carter's area included England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. When he first started there were ten or twelve jobs in progress. His responsibility was to assign building missionaries (usually young Brits) to the various jobs, to see that they were properly taken care of, and to encourage the project supervisors and see that they didn't become discouraged. Grandma (Mary) Carter's responsibility was to go with Grandpa whenever she was needed to build up the spirits of the supervisors' wives and families.

But on most occasions Grandpa had to travel alone. It was a relief to him to return to Epsom after traveling the winding, narrow roads during the week. He always felt he was putting up with British traffic. He was particularly frustrated by the lorries, the British trucks, which were limited by law to thirty miles an hour or less.

It wasn't long until Grandpa was proficient at finding his way around Great Britain and dealing with a multitude of problems. When he reached a job site everyone was always happy to see him. After some time in meetings and inspection of the work in progress he would be on his way again.
Aunt Genni

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